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Senior Instructor Punong Guro Mark Lynn

Punong Guro Lynn started his journey in the martial arts in 1981, he continues to study and practice up to this day.  Mr. Lynn has studied a wide variety of martial systems earning various levels of instructor ranks in several systems.



8th Dan Renbudo Karate under Grand Master Michael Proctor

7th Dan Pacific Archipelago Concepts under W. Hock Hochheim

5th Lakan Lima Punong Guro Modern Arnis World Modern Arnis Alliance GM Tim Hartman

5th dan Master MiraRada Escrima  GM Art Miraflor

5th Lakan Lima Kombatan Arnis GM Ernesto Presas

4th Lakan Apat Modern Arnis GM Dan Anderson

Guro Garimot Arnis Training (GAT) under GAT Puno Abundio Baet

1st Lakan Isa Modern Arnis GM Remy Presas

1st Dan Kobudo AKATO

Certified Instructor W. Hock Hochheim's SDMS

Punong Guro Lynn with GAT Puno Abundio "Garimot" Baet earning the title of Guro in Garimot Arnis at the 2022 Garimot International summer camp.

Assistant Instructor Paul Soucy

1st Lakan Isa- Presas Arnis

1st Lakan Isa - Arnis X 

Guro Paul  Soucy started his training in Presas Arnis under Jackie and Kevin Bradbury at Mid-Cities Arnis (PG Lynn's senior students and owners now of Kindred Protective Arts in Kansas City MO.) at the NRH Centre in North Richland Hills TX in 2015.   Ever the student, Guro Paul, when he is traveling for work seeks out other FMA schools to broaden his training experience, as well as attending various FMA related seminars that Hidden Sword and other schools have sponsored. Guro Paul was promoted to Lakan Isa in 2022. 

Assistant Instructor Jessica Walter

Jessica Walter began her journey in the martial arts with fencing in college, and then joining in martial art classes with her kids in a traditional karate program in CA. Relocating to TX she again sought out martial arts instruction for her kids and herself and started attending classes at Hidden Sword in 2019. Due to her background and her dedication to training, Jessica has become a valuable addition to the Hidden Sword family, rising through the ranks and assisting with the Beginner/Intermediate classes.

Junior Instructor Gabriel Nava

2nd dan American Karate Hidden Sword Martial Arts

1st Lakan Isa Presas Arnis Hidden Sword

1st Lakan Isa Arnis X Hidden Sword

Gabriel has been training at Hidden Sword for 9 years;  Gabe started in our American Karate program and currently trains in both the Karate and the Presas Arnis programs.  Gabe assists in the Beginner/Intermediate and Advanced American Karate classes.   

Friends of Hidden Sword

Hock Hochheim's Force Necessary

World Modern Arnis Alliance, Datu Tim Hartman

Mirarada Escrima Academy, GM Art Miraflor

Dan Anderson Karate

American Karate Tae Kwon Do  Organization (AKATO)

North Texas Karate Academy

The Dojo in Lawton, OK

Arnis OK in Shawnee OK

GM Datu Dieter Knuttel

Garimot Arnis Training,  GAT Puno Abon "Garimot" Baet

Kindred Protective Arts, Kevin and Jackie Bradbury

World Kombatan Family

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