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There are 3 great reasons to train with Hidden Sword Martial Arts at the Roanoke Rec Center!

Our Classes For Kids And Adults


Whether you are looking for classes for yourself, your children, or your entire family, we have a program that fits!  Our classes include:

  • American Karate for Kids

  • American Karate for Teens and Adults

  • Filipino Martial Arts for Juniors and Families 

  • Filipino Martial Arts for Adults

Beginners and experienced martial artists are all welcome!

You Can Workout While Your Kids  Are In Class!


The Roanoke Rec Center has a full gym plus an indoor running track and indoor basketball court!  That means while your kids are learning martial arts, you can get your workout in!

Childcare For Younger Children


If you are taking a class, or want to workout while your older kids are in martial arts class, the Rec Center has a Child Activity Center available! 

You can't beat that for convenience!

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