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Filipino martial arts are know by several diffent names including Arnis, Escrima (or Eskrima), and Kali.
Adults Classes
Juniors and Family Class (ages 10+)

The adult program at Hidden Sword Martial Arts is based on Filipino Martial Arts.   Our primary program is specifically based on a combination style created by Punong Guro Lynn called Presas Arnis which is comprised primarily of a blending of Modern Arnis created by Remy Presas and Kombatan Arnis created by Ernesto Presas into one curriculum. 

The Presas Arnis program covers instruction in weapons training, and unarmed training.  Students learn double stick, single stick and empty hand in beginner through intermediate levels.  In advanced training edged weapons, stick and knife, and staff are covered.  Using a teaching method we call compound learning the student learns to translate drills between different weapons and empty hands to speed up and enhance the learning process.  

Since 2017 Punong Guro Lynn has been heavily influenced by GM Art Miraflor creator and founder of MiraRada Eskrima, and since 2018  GAT Puno Abundio Baet current chief instructor and head of Garimot Arnis Training International.  Naturally PG Lynn has adopted and blended their material into his classes along with the Presas Arnis material. This blending of the different material from outside the Presas Arnis systems we call Arnis X 

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