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Hidden Sword Martial Arts has chosen a system of American Karate to be our children's program.

Our American Karate program is set up for children from 6 years old through teenagers.​  Classes are arranged for age and skill; young students start out in the Young White Belt class, while older students start out in the Beginners class.  Students then move onto Intermediate and Advanced classes. 

Our students learn a variety of skills relating to self protection, physical fitness, discipline, and short and long term goal setting through learning martial arts. Our Program is based on Tae Kwon Do, however the advanced students can also learn traditional weapons (Okinawan weapons) and beginning weapons defense through our Modern Arnis (Filipino Martial Arts) programs. 


In 2019 we added an older teen and adult class consisting of mixed ranks. In this class more advanced instruction takes place geared for the older student.

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